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Tangles news: Kirkus Star, Guardian review, German interview

Catching up on Tangles news for February:

Tangles got a coveted Kirkus Starred Review — super exciting! US publication is May 1.

The Guardian published a short, sweet review.

And Maxi, a German magazine, published a three-page feature on Tangles, with a translated excerpt and an interview with me. I am working on getting someone to translate it for me! The article isn’t online, so here are a few photos from the print copy…

Tangles in Maxi mag

Tangles in Maxi mag

Tangles in Maxi mag

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More UK press for Tangles

Here are some more great UK articles about Tangles…

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a real-life superheroine! in The Jewish Chronicle — an article by Sarah Lightman about Jewish women cartoonists that includes me and Tangles

Drawing the unsayable in the Irish Independent — about Tangles and Billy, Me & You by Nicola Streeten

A funny way to deal with death in The Independent – a different article about Tangles and Billy, Me & You

And why not add a drawing I did right after we got back from London?

First Night Back, comic by Sarah Leavitt

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UK press for Tangles

Just a quick round-up of some UK coverage for Tangles…

First there was an excerpt in the Observer Magazine (part of The Guardian). It’s not online but here’s a peek. I got to do a self-portrait for it, too!

Tangles in the Observer Magazine












There was also a lovely review in the Glasgow Herald, also not online.








Channel 4 featured Nicola Streeten’s fabulous memoir, Billy, Me and You, and included nice mention of Tangles.

And the lovely online mag It’s Nice That featured slides from Tangles and an interview. In their words they were “bowled over” by Tangles.

Watch for more coverage in The Independent and The Jewish Chronicle.

Tomorrow I leave London after a lovely two weeks here. Will be posting some photos and notes from the trip soon. Thanks so much to everyone at Jonathan Cape, Leeds Comics Forum and Newcastle University, along with all the fabulous people I’ve met here (Nicola Streeten, Sarah Lightman, Paul Gravett, Ian Williams, Corinne Pearlman, Francesca Cassavetti, etc etc). England rules.

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Tangles made the Canada Reads top 40

Thanks to everyone who recommended Tangles — apparently there were 10,000 recommended books, so it’s super great to see Tangles in the top 40! I am also just excited that there are three graphic narratives in the list: Tangles and Scott Chantler’s Two Generals and Chester Brown’s classic, Louis Riel. Comix FTW! You can see the whole list and vote over at Canada Reads. Voting will determine the top ten; then 5 judges will each choose one book to champion. Fun times!


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Please recommend Tangles for Canada Reads

This year the Canada Reads contest on CBC is limited to non-fiction. I’m really glad they are doing this, after last year’s focus on the novel. And it has been fun to see the reader recommendations for Tangles showing up in the daily roundups of recommendations on the Canada Reads blog. If you are so moved, recommendations are accepted until midnight Eastern Time October 14: http://www.cbc.ca/books/canadareads/2012/recommend/index.html.

Canada Reads 2012

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